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Introducing your hosts Adam Middleton, Michelle Cochrane and KT Solar Specialist ‘GL’. our KT Podcast is designed around 5 most frequently asked questions about a particular product or application and is designed to provide education to Automotive, Marine, Electrical, 4X4, DIY, Camping Enthusiasts on Products commonly used.



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Number 1 10 January 2018 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Panels Listen Now Read Blog Post

1. What is PV Solar Energy, and how does it work? 
2. What is the difference between Mono-crystalline, Polycrystalline & Amorphous Solar Panels?
3. What Type of Panels do you commonly see in the 12V Marketplace? 
4. How are solar panels rated? How can we calculate the size & power of the solar panel?
5. How can you connect multiple panels for more power?