Distilled Water, 1.5L

Distilled Water, 1.5L
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Many mechanics and car owners use tap water to top off the battery. This can lower performance and shorten battery life due to water impurities that upset the normal battery function.

Battery manufacturers recommend distilled water for better performance and longer battery life. Distilled water is water from which salts and minerals have been removed. Water from faucets, lakes and wells usually has dissolved minerals and salts. These minerals and salts affect the chemical action in the battery.

The battery works harder to maintain its charge and does not operate as efficiently. When the battery works harder, its internal temperature may get hotter while the battery is working. This causes more evaporation and requires more water. Distilled water ensures the correct battery chemical properties are maintained.


  • 1.5L
  • De-ionised water for use in batteries
  • Less than one part per million total dissolved solids
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