Soldering Iron, 80Watt

Soldering Iron, 80Watt
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A soldering iron is hand tool that is used to create a join between two workpieces using solder; comprised of an insulated handle, a heating element and a metal tip for applying the heat, it can be used for a variety of mediums however its most common use is for joining pieces of electrical wiring together.

Solder is usually a combination of tin and lead giving it a very low melting point which, when heat is applied from the soldering iron, allows it to melt onto materials with higher resistance to heat such as copper wire. Once the applied heat is removed, the solder immediately cools allowing the two wires to fuse together. There are various forms of soldering irons; however, they are most commonly available with a 240V connection and in different wattages for different applications. Low power irons such as a 30 Watt soldering iron are regularly used with electronic components; however an 80 Watt iron is more suitable when more heat is required.


  • 80W
  • 240V
  • Insulated handle to protect user from the heat generated by the iron

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  • 12 Months Warranty on Manufacture & Build
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