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Supporting the Australian Motorsports Community

KT is actively supporting and sponsoring rising talent throughout the Australian Motorsports Community, from Drag Car Racing, Go-Kart Racing, Motocross and Car Racing. Over the years, the KT Team have been heavily involved in racing itself, with staff competing in the Aus-Kart Go-Kart Racing Series, Motocross and General Car Racing including ‘Notta Grand-Prix’ series. Over the years of being on and around the racing track, the general conversation provided a clear need and demand for more support within the motorsports industry.  

With KT’s excellent marketing capability, enthusiasm and passion for helping others we were able to fill this void by developing KTR Apparel. A brand that represented the support, passion, dedication and growing culture of rising talent within the Australian Motorsports Community. KT was soon recognised for Sponsoring and Supporting talented racing enthusiasts who have dreams of making it their profession. With the Hot Topic of ‘Racing’ also sparking interest in many of our customers and others associated with the business, KT began including KTR Community news within marketing emails to our customer database, updating everyone on the latest Sponsored News, Racing Results and more. 

Today, KTR Sponsored Drivers are often seen on and off the track representing KTR Apparel, using KT Products to maintain their race cars, trailers and motorbikes and sharing their racing journey through our social media channels. KTR has been organically growing by word of mouth and our Facebook and Instagram accounts increasing daily in followers from Australia and further afield. KT is continually receiving incredible, and inspiring stories from motorsport enthusiasts of all ages to be a part of this growing team culture and community.

You too can keep up-to-date with KT Cables & KTR on our Instagram and Facebook Pages.KT Cables Facebook:

KT Cables Instagram: www.instagram.com/ktcables (or follow @ktcables)
KT Cables Facebook: www.facebook.com/ktcables

KTR Instagram: www.instagram.com/ktrapparel (or follow @ktrapparel)
KTR Community Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/ktrcommunity 
KTR Facebook: www.facebook.com/ktrapparel

For Sponsorship Inquiries, email marketing@ae4a.com.au