KT Solar Training Nights

Did you know, that when part of becoming a KT Solar Stockist, you will receive a complimentary team training night at an organised time with one of our knowledgable and experienced team members? The night consists of a structured team training, introducing your staff to Solar. Each Team member will receive a KT Solar Training Handbook, full of information on Solar, and also have one on one time at the end of the session to ask any questions about solar. You will also have full access to our Blog Posts, Video Demonstrations, Podcasts, and KT Solar Calculator to support you and educate your customers. We are all about making solar easy! 

To speak to our team regarding organising a KT Solar Training night, email our team.

KT Solar Power Calculator

Our Innovative KT Solar Calculator has been designed by our team to assist you and your customer by educating them through an easy 3 step process. Simply add your Camping Style, Sun Hours, Loads (Applications), your desired battery type/solar panel and the calculator will tell you how many ‘free power’ days you will receive. This will help your customer understand what size battery and solar panel is required to run their loads, how long for and how much alternate (if any) is required. 


Visit our KT Solar Power Calculator Here

KT Blog

Our KT Blog is a one-stop information centre featuring technical information on KT Products, to help support you and answer any questions you may have. With product video demonstrations, podcasts, and FAQ’s incorporated into an easy-read blog post, you can rest assured that we have covered all bases.

Learn more about KT Products by visiting our KT Blog Here


KT Video Gallery

If you are chasing a video on a particular product, you may find this at our KT Video Gallery, featuring video demonstrations of applications and ‘How To’ Videos. 

We make learning easy! Visit our Video Gallery Here