Using Split Loom Tools and Split Loom Joiners

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KT ranges a variety  of Split Loom Tools available for Split Loom sizes 7mm up to 36mm. KT Split loom is manufactured using Polypropylene providing flexibility. It is commonly used as a cable protection solution in a variety of environments.

How to Apply Cable Using The KT Split Loom Tool:

1. Ensure that you are using the correct sized tool for the size split loom you are using.

2. Start by inserting your cable through the hole in your Split Loom with the pointed end of the tool facing your body.

3. Take an end of  your Split Loom and insert the pointed end of the tool into the end of the loom.

4. Feed the tool through the loom whilst holding the end of the loom and the cables in place at the end. It is important to hold the end of the cable throughout this process to prevent it being pulled through the loom.

5. Continue to feed the split loom tool through the loom until all of your cable is applied.

What are Split Loom Joiners?

KT Ranges a variety of split loom joiners which are primarily used for joining paths of cables going in different directions. The joiners protect by sealing the joint and are a simple and cost effective solution to running extra paths off your cable & loom.

Which Split Loom Joiner should I Use?

There are 3 Types of KT Split Loom Joiners Available:

  • The Split loom Y piece joiner allows 3 paths of loom to be joined. (Sizes Available to suit: 7mm, 10mm and 13mm Split Loom)
  • The T piece joiner is similar to the Y piece joiner but is perfect for running looms around corners or objects due to its T design. (Sizes Available to suit: 7mm, 10mm and 13mm Split Loom)
  • The split loom end joiner seals the end of the loom giving it a finished appearance. It can also be used to connect more of the same sized loom to continue the length. (Sizes Available to suit: 7mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm Split Loom)

How to Apply a Split Loom Joiner to Split Loom:

1. Feed your Cable into the Loom Using the KT Split Loom Tool (See above for instructions on ‘How to Use’ the KT Split Loom Tool)

2 Ensure that you have the correct Joiner for your required purpose. (Y, T or End Piece)

3. Make sure that you have the correct sized joiner to match the size Split Loom you are using (KT Split Loom Y & T Joiners are made to suit 7mm, 10mm, 13mm Split Loom. The End Peice Suits 7mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm Split Loom)

4. Once all Cable is Applied to The Split Loom, simply take the appropriate joiner and place the loom into the locking device (or devices if using  ‘Y & T’ 3 Way Joiners).

5. Close the joiner over the top of the loom and lock the locking device on the joiner to Secure Loom.

8. Simply follow the same process as the Y joiner to secure the 3 paths of loom in a T configuration.

See below Video Demonstration of Applying Cable to Split Loom using the KT Split Loom Tool.

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