World First KT Intelligent 8000V Surge Protected Jumper Leads with 12 & 24V Voltage Display

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12 & 24V Voltage Display
12 & 24V Voltage Display

100% Pure Copper

The KT Intelligent Jumper Leads with a 12 & 24V Voltage Display will change the way people think about Jumper Leads and how they are used.

The 12V & 24V LCD Voltage Display will immediately provide the exact voltage reading of the battery when connected. The Voltage reading will flash to indicate the battery condition.


For standard vehicles, 4×4’s, boats or anything running 12 Volt Systems, below 11.8V is considered a flat battery and requires charging while 14.2V is considered overcharged. The voltage reading will flash to indicate a flat or overcharged battery. When the Voltage reading does not flash this indicates a healthy battery life.

For Trucks or anything running 24 Volt Systems, anything below 23.6V is considered flat (requires charging) and anything above 28.4V is considered overcharged.

The 80°C Temperature Sensor (Amber Warning) will only ever appear when the Intelligent Jumper Leads have reached 80°C. In this case, it is recommended to dis-continue the jump start process to eliminate the possibility of damage to yourself or your vehicle. Ensure the Temperature warning light has turned off before continuing the jump start process.

A Green L.E.D Light indicates a correct connection and a Red Light indicates an incorrect connection.


  • 100% Pure Copper
  • 8000V Surge Protection
  • Voltage Display 12 & 24 Volt
  • Digital Display Flash Warning:
    12 Volt Systems: Below 11.8V & Above 14.2V
    24 Volt Systems: Below 23.6V & Above 28.4V
  • Amber Flashing Warning 80oC Temperature Sensor
  • Green Light – Correct Connection
  • Red Light – Incorrect Connection

Voltage display will provide a voltage reading when connected to 1 battery. Voltage will be averaged when connected to 2 batteries.

(See below photos of L.E.D Light Indicators for correct and incorrect connections).

Incorrect Connection
How the KT Intelligent Jumper Leads SHOULD NOT be connected to the Battery.
Correct Connection
How the KT Intelligent Jumper Leads should be connected to the Battery.
Incorrect Connection
A Red Light Indicates an ‘Incorrect Connection’.
Correct Connection
A Green Light Indicates a ‘Correct Connection’.


View our complete Video Demonstration on ‘How to Use’ The KT Intelligent Jumper Leads Here:



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