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G’Day, Kev here,

I have been travelling around quite a bit lately and I like walking in and out of little automotive and hardware stores, picking up odds and ends that I might need on my next trip.

I just so happened to notice these KT Heat Shrink Spool Mini Spools in most of the stores I had been into so I had to see what all the fuss was about.  They were well priced so purchased 3 different sizes and thought I’d give them a run for their money.

I have never used heat shrink before, I always used to do it the old bush way and wack some duct tape over the exposed wiring connections, but now with the times changing, I don’t think that’s considered safe by most anymore. Anyway, it seems heat shrink is apparently what everyone uses these days for sealing exposed wiring connections etc.

Before I handed over my money, the bloke at the counter asked me if I had a gas torch to use with the heat shrink. I had no idea what he was talking about. I would have assumed you just use a cigarette lighter – shows how much times have changed. He showed me a demonstration on how to use the nifty little tool. What a fantastic little gadget! I had not realised how easy it was to use, and how small it was. I could throw it straight in my tool box.


Untitled-2First of all, I noticed how well packaged these Heat Shrink Mini Spools are. I could chuck them in the back of the truck and not have to worry about the dirt and dust getting into them. They also don’t unravel which is a bonus! Don’t you just get a bee in your bonnet when you have to waste time rolling something up because it has somehow unraveled itself?

So anyway, after purchasing a KT gas torch and my 3 Heat Shrink Mini spools, I was on my way out to this really great fishing spot. It’s a pretty rough track to get out there, and I would not recommend taking it if you were not experienced in four wheel driving. I passed many low hanging branches on my way out there but this one caught onto my spot lights on my roof and tore through some of the wiring – bugger!

KTTORCHMThat’s when I remembered I had bought some of that KT Heat Shrink! I got my trusty tool box out with my KT gas torch – here’s a tip – never go out bush without a tool box. It could save your life!

I stripped the broken wire ends back just enough to be able to twist them together again, cut some heat shrink to size and slid it over one side of the wires.  I then twisted the stripped wires together to form the connection again. I slid the heat shrink over the exposed wires, grabbed the KT gas torch and heated up the heat shrink, shrinking it down over the connection.  After a 5 minute repair job, It was good as new! I didn’t even have to worry about the rain getting to the wires as it was completely sealed.

spoolsSo after my experience with my damaged wiring, I then researched into heat shrink and found out that KT sells heat shrink in many different forms including Lengths, Retail Mini Spools, Blister Packs, Heat Shrink Spool Mates, Heat Shrink End Caps and even in assorted kits. It is even available in a wide range of sizes and various colours! I also found that KT provides an adhesive heat shrink which gives even more protection as when the heat shrink is heated up using a gas torch, the internal adhesive melts onto the cable forming a secure connection.

It really is an amazing product and good quality at that! It was only meant to be a temporary fix for me, but so far it has lasted. What’s that saying again? ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it?

’I would recommend KT heat shrink to anyone who has a vehicle or goes out bush, even just keep some in your vehicle. You never know when something as simple as a broken wire, could get you stuck in a rut.

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