KT 9 Pin Trailer Plug & Sockets with 50Amp Power Connection

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The KT 9 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket is the first Trailer Plug & Socket on the market to contain an in-built 50Amp Connector. This provides the perfect solution for the user who requires a Trailer Plug connection with the ability to also power applicances requiring a 50Amp power connection directly from the vehicle.

The 2 Pins are rated at 50Amps and suitable for use with 8mm₂ Cable (8B&S), while the 7 Pins rated at 35Amps suit 3mm & 4mm cable. Common applications for the KT 50Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket & the KT 9 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket include providing power to camping fridges and other appliances (requiring a 50Amp Power Connection) from your vehicle. It is also recommended to use a fuse in line with one of the circuits.

Each Socket is fitted with a spring loaded dustproof and splash-proof cover to protect internal pins and wiring while the connector is not in use. The Plug & Socket housings are manufactured using a strong UV protected Polycarbonate housing which is virtually indestructible and durable through severe weather conditions.

The 9 Pin Trailer Plug can be connected with:

  • KT 9 Pin Trailer Socket
  • KT 50 Amp Trailer Socket (without the 7 Pins being used)
  • KT 7 Pin Flat Trailer Socket (without the 50Amp, 2 Pins being used)

KT943 – 9 Pin Trailer Plug Internals
KT944 – 9 Pin Trailer Socket Internals












Installation is as simple as removing the 2 screws on the outer casing of the 9 Pin Trailer Plug or Socket.

Loosen all 4 screws on the 50 Amp Connection wire entries and each screw for the 7 pin connection wire entries. Strip cable approximately 10mm and feed into the correct wire entry as per the wiring
diagram. The 50 Amp Connections use the Positive (Red) and Negative (Black) wire entries. The 7 pin connections use the Green (Right Indicator), Brown (Tail Lights), Black (Aux/Reverse), White (Earth), Blue (Service Brakes), Red (Stop Brakes) and Yellow (Left Indicator) wire entries. Tighten all screws securely ensuring no wires are exposed outside of the connector wire entries.

Replace outer casing and tighten the 2 screws.

 It is also recommended to use a fuse inline with one of the circuits

Also see ‘How to Wire up a 7 Pin Flat Trailer Plug’ 


– 2 Pin 50A Plug & Socket Connection
– 7 Pin Trailer Plug & Socket
– 12V
– Durable poly-carbonate housing
– Spring loaded dustproof cover (Socket only)
– No crimping or soldering required
– Stainless steel Phillips Head screws
– Silver plated copper pins
– Suits cable up to 8mm2 ( 8B&S )












Common applications for the KT 50 Amp, 2 Pin Trailer Plug and Socket include providing power to camping fridges, solar panels and other appliances from your vehicle which require a 50 Amp power connection.
It is also recommended to use a fuse in line with one of the circuits. This product is ideal for caravans, campers 4×4’s and boats.

Model: KT943 – 9 Pin Trailer Socket
Model: KT944 – 9 Pin Trailer Plug