Why are black Cable Ties weather resistant?

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UV Nylon Cable Ties

Why are black Cable Ties weather resistant?

KT Black Cable Ties are weather resistant due to the UV Stabilized Nylon 6/6 material.

This allows the cable ties to be used in continuous or extended exposure to outdoor sunlight. The nylon cable tie is a weather resistant grade, enduring additional ultraviolet (UV) light.

This grade is produced by incorporating Black Carbon in the nylon resin. UV Stabilized Nylon cable ties are available only in black and have a life expectancy of up to 10 years in direct sunlight.




Extra Long Cable TiesKT ranges a large variety of Weather Resistant Cable Ties which are all suited for a variety of applications. KT’s Nylon Cable Tie Range Includes:

Black UV Nylon 6/6 Cable Ties

KT Black UV Nylon Cable Ties are available in Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Long. All black Cable Ties are UV treated and therefore are suitable for use in outdoor environments. All standard cable tie packs are available in packs of 100. Carton sizes vary depending on the size of the cable tie. Sizes from 100mm x 2.5mm Wide up to 370mm x 4.8mm.

Cable Ties are also available in packs of 25. Standard Cable Ties are also available in a specialised 1000 pack including a bonus Promotional Bag.


1Push Mount Cable Ties

When a hole is drilled, the head of this tie can then be pushed into the hole, leaving the remaining tie to be bundled around cabling or harness. Push Mount Ties are
available in black and natural colouring. These are available in packs of 100 or specialised packs of 20.




2Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable ties can be used temporarily and released if need be. The ability for these ties to be re-used makes them quite popular.

Releasable Ties are available in black and natural colouring. These are available in packs of 100 or specialised packs of 20.




3Mounting Head Cable Ties

Mounting head cable ties have a head on the tie to fix to a surface. These are available in packs of 100 or specialized
packs of 20. Cable tie guns such as KTLDCTG, KTHDCTG/P, KTHDCTG/M are recommended to use with Mounting Head Cable Ties.




Untitled-1Identification Cable Ties

Identification Cable Ties have a flat surface area where information can be written using permanent markers. Identification ties are available in black and natural
colouring. These are available in packs of 100 or specialized packs of 20.


What is a Cable Tie?

Cable ties are usually used as fasteners. A ratcheting system allows the ties to be tightened without causing damage to the individual cables or wires. Cable Ties may also be known as ‘Zip Ties’.

Cable Ties are commonly used to harness and bundle items, usually wires. Functioning like straps, cable ties are available in miniature sizes for holding small loads, and are also fabricated in long lengths and strong tensile strengths for large items or bundles. Most Cable Ties feature serrated “teeth” on one end, which function by locking inside the head, located on the other side of the strap.

Once the pointed tip of the cable tie has been pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it is prevented from being pulled back; the resulting loop may only be pulled tighter. This allows several cables to be bound together into a cable tree. Cable Ties can be customised in numerous colors or dimensions, according to application requirements. Additionally, cable ties may be UV-protected or manufactured using 304 & 316 Stainless Steel.

How are Cable Ties Applied?

Cable Ties can be applied by hand, or by using a Cable Tie Gun, depending on what the Cable Tie is being used for. A Cable Tie Gun is a tensioning device or tool that is used to apply a cable tie with a specific degree of tension. The tool may cut off the excess Cable Tie with the head in order to avoid a sharp edge which might otherwise cause injury. Some applications require that a Cable Tie Gun is used, due to requiring a specific tension to meet specific standards and requirements.

Some Common Uses for Cable Ties:

  • Automotive Applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • DIY, Home and Indoor Applications
  • DIY Outdoor and Gardening Applications
  • Agricultural Applications