Best Fishing spots in Queensland

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Some days, there is no better feeling than casting a line in the water trying your luck in landing a fish, around 15% of all Queenslanders over the age of 5 try their luck at fishing every year with those numbers growing. Here is our list of some of the best fishing spots in Queensland for all fishing enthusiasts.

Pumicestone Passage

Up north in Caloundra there are many excellent fishing spots to cast your line out, from the boardwalk to hook quality trevally and the occasional barramundi to Pelican Waters which are filled with pike and whiting. However the best place to cast your line will be Pumicestone Passage, with its multiple freshwater inlets allowing access without the use of a boat, masses of yabby banks to attract fish and easy access to throw in your lure or bait. With a multitude of fish to pick and catch, Pumicestone Passage is a must-see for all fishing lovers.


Down in South Queensland, Currumbin makes for an amazing fishing location as the river entrance joins up with the ocean and links to the adjoining sand flats which is the perfect location for kids and adults targeting bream, whiting and flathead with mud crabs in the far upper reaches. There are also two fishing platforms located along the boardwalk that twist and turns its way across the mangroves near the local high school. The board walk connects to the Thrower Drive boat ramp in case you were hoping on heading offshore to fish.

Noosa River Mouth

Renowned for having such a massive variety of fish located in the area, Noosa is a fishing lover’s paradise. This location is well protected by the local national park, allowing for a wide range of species to settle here so fishermen and women are spoiled for fish. The surrounding area and shore are all also excellent fishing spots from the deep water, rock groyne or the sand flats. One thing to watch out for is the strong northerly winds, as they can get rather powerful making it difficult for some forms of fishing.

Shorncliffe Pier

Just off the beach is Shorncliffe, North Brisbane, while this pier can get rather crowded at times it is only a short walk from the carpark and numerous fish are known to swim along this area. Species that can be caught here include bream, yellowfin whiting, winter whiting, flathead and if your there long enough you may even see some shovelnose sharks lurking around for a meal. With jetty bream, long casts aren’t really needed. The local fish tend to gather around the pylons under the jetty.

Hornibrook Highway Bridge

With a tendency to be crowded during the holiday periods, this bridge will still always return with some good catches. The Hornibrook Highway Bridge can be fished from the Brighton or the southern end in the Pine river channel or on the northside from Clontarf. A large variety of species can be fished here such as bream, yellowfin whiting, winter whiting, flathead, school jewfish and luderick with April and May being the best time to fish.

The Hornibrook’s main navigation channels tend to produce better when the tide goes down off the shallow banks and aggregates the fish in the deeper water.