Dual Colour LED Camping Lights

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Light up your campsite with the new KT Dual Colour LED Camping Light Kit. The KT Camping Light Kit includes four Dual Colour, High Powered, Heavy Duty 50cm SMD5050 Light Bars with built-in magnets for mounting.

Light-weight, versatile and compact, this Camping Light Kit is the ultimate solution to your 12V Lighting needs. The KT Dual Colour LED Camping Light Kit is ideal for providing an energy efficient & Eco-friendly light source to your campsite, gazebo, shed, caravan, ute canopy, 4WD, Shipping Container, Pergola, Boat, Awning & More!

Each light bar is composed of 60 SMD 5050 LED lights, 30 Warm White & 30 Amber. The LED Light Kit outputs a large 2560 lumens from the 4 x 50cm bars but only draws a small amount of power, maximising running time and minimising battery draw.

The lights have a dimming capability in 10% increments up to 100%. Certified with an IP67 rating, the light kit is fully protected from dust and can withstand short periods of water immersion. All cables and splitters are included in the kit, including waterproof quick connect leads and mounting hardware.

Light Settings

The Light Bars can be conveniently switched between Amber, White or a combination of both, using either of the two remotes that come with the kit.

The kit has dimming capability and can be increased or decreased in 10% increments from 0-100%.

An added bonus of the combination and amber options is that amber light does not attract bugs & insects!

Amber and White
Conveniently switch between Amber, White or a combination of both using either of the two remotes that come in the kit.

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Remote Control

Included in the KT57030 Kit are two remotes.

1 x In-Line Magnetic Remote
1 x Hand Held Magnetic Remote

A Blue LED illuminates on the In-Line Magnetic Remote when connected and turned on.

The Hand Held Remote features a digital display and can be used up to 10M away from the Camp Lighting Location. – You’ll never have to step away from the fire again!

Both remotes have the functions:

  • On/Off
  • Control Light Colour
  • Control Dim Percentage in 10% Increments.
  • Handy Magnets on the back of each remote so as to ensure no loss of remotes
The Kit comes with two magnetic remotes.
4 x LED Dual Colour Camping Light Bars
3 x 1.8M Extension Leads with Waterproof Connectors
1 x Y Extension Lead with Waterproof Connectors
1 x Power Lead with Cigarette Male Plug & In-line control switch with internal blue LED buttons
1 x Cigarette Socket to Battery Clamps Lead
1 x Magnetic Remote Control (AAA Batteries included)
1 x Carry Bag


Voltage 12V
LED COlour Amber & Warm White
LED Type SMD5050 Dimmable
Dim Increments 10% increments up to 100%
White LED Lumens 360 per bar (1440 total)
Amber LED Lumens 280 per bar (1120 total)
Beam Angle 120°
Dimensions 500mm (19″) x 14mm (0.55mm”) x 9mm (0.35″)
Max Current 2.08A @ 12V
Waterproof Rating IP67
Mounting Magnetic Strip Back
Lifespan 20,000 hour

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Why choose LED Camp Lighting? See just a few of the MANY Reasons below. 

  • They do not contain any fragile inner components such as filaments which can be prone to breakage or failure.
  • Resistant to heat, cold & vibration
  • Low Power Consumption
  • DIY Set up is complete in minutes
  • Draws a small amount of power which maximises running time and minimises battery use.


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