KT’s NEW Innovation – The 50Amp DC Power Link

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We are excited to announce the release of the New and Innovative KT 50Amp DC Power Link. An Innovative omnidirectional, 50Amp Power Source suitable for 12V and 24V applications. Design Registered, and designed by KT, The DC Power Link is a completely unique product and design within the marketplace, designed to make Off-Road 4X4 Adventures, Camping Trips, and Caravanning Trips easier when it comes to supplying power to your devices including Batteries, Fridges, Solar Panels, Lighting, Compressors and other 12/24V applications.

You may be familiar with the traditional ‘Power Distribution Board’ for the home/workplace which is typically a block of electrical sockets allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single power source. The DC Power Link extrapolates upon that concept. 

The KT 50Amp DC Power Link features 4 Inputs/Outputs which means any of the 4 circuits can be used as an Input or Output. When talking ‘Input’, we are referring to the source of power. For instance a 12 or 24V Battery. When talking ‘Output’, we are referring to the ‘Loads’ or 12/24V devices that you intend to connect or supply power to from your battery.

Model No. KT70601

Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for 12-24V DC Operations
  • LED Indicator to show live circuit once input has been connected
  • 4 Mounting Points allow easy and secure mounting
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Dustproof and Splashproof
  • Housing manufactured from durable UV stabilised polycarbonate/ABS
  • Dimensions: 86mm (L) x 86mm (W) x 22mm (H)
  • Connects with 50Amp heavy duty connectors (grey, black, red, blue)
  • Single input rated to 50Amp draw
  • Each Output rated to 25Amps (50Amp total) at any one-time
  • 2.1Amp and 1Amp USB Outputs (3.1Amp total) at any one-time
  • Warning (Not suitable for mounting in vehicle engine bays)

The DC Power Link is designed to connect with Grey, Black, Red and Blue 50Amp Heavy Duty Connectors. It’s adaptability to all colour connectors allows the DC Power Link to be used with various applications.


Size & Dimensions of the DC Power Link



Operation Instructions: 

  • Remove the dustproof cover from the desired ‘input / Output’ socket and connect a device via 50A Heavy Duty Connector. (25A Max per Output, 50A Total). 
  • Once ‘input’ is connected, DC Power Link is live. LED’s will indicate ‘live’ power to circuits. 
  • To connect a 2.1 / 1A USB Device, remove the dustproof cover and connect the device at any time. (Max total USB rating is 3.1A
  • Multi-use configuration of Input or Output. Sockets are omnidirectional and can connect as many inputs (Max 3) or Outputs (Max 3 as required)



The device can be used in a variety of configurations. Below we show six possible options. 


Warranty Statement:

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