120W Solar Panel, Portable Folding Kit

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With many Portable Solar Solutions already in the marketplace, we have designed our very own ‘New and Innovative’ KT SOLAR 120W Solar Panel, Portable Folding Kit.

The KT SOLAR 120W Solar Panel, Portable Folding Kit holds many points of difference to the traditional folding Solar Kits.

It is the ideal transportable solution for outdoors, camping, 4WD and marine applications and folds away to store when not charging your 12V batteries.

7 Reasons why you should consider KT SOLAR’s 120W Portable Folding Kit as your next portable solar solution!


1. The KT SOLAR kit is lighter!

We have designed our 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit to be lighter in weight, making it easier to transport. Our kit is 1.5kg less in weight than most folding solar kits on the market.

solar-panels_folded_1000px2. The KT SOLAR Folding Kit is Smaller!

Our KT 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit is smaller in size than the traditional kits on the market. A smaller footprint means lighter in weight. Though it still puts out a whopping 120 Watts, it is a more convenient size for travelling and a better space-saving solution overall, perfect for those who already have a 4×4 full of camping gear.

Dimensions Open: 760mm (H) 1020mm (W) 30mm (D)

Dimensions Closed: 760mm (H) 510mm (W) 62mm (D)


3. The KT SOLAR Folding Kit is very sturdy!

Our KT 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit has been designed with shorter, folding legs to ensure it is stabilised through various weather conditions. The shorter legs, along with the stabiliser straps attached to the body of the Solar Panel allows the legs to be extended to the perfect angle to ensure ultimate stability.

Traditional Solar Panel Folding Kits have longer legs and when the wind picks up, you could end up chasing your Solar Panel Kit through the camp site.

The sturdy fold away legs position for maximum solar exposure so you can get the most power to your panel!


4. The KT SOLAR Folding Kit is extremely durable!

Our KT Folding Solar Kit is designed with Aluminium Pop Rivets and screws, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The KT SOLAR 120 Portable Folding Panel features rivets to secure the ABS Corners to the Solar panel frame. This prevents the corners being knocked off. A heavy-duty swivel carry handle allows for easy transportation and heavy duty latches allow you to fold up your panel for suitcase style transportation, securing your Solar Panel for travel.


120w-folding-panel-box-mockup-copy5. The KT SOLAR Folding Kit is value for money!

When you purchase your KT SOLAR Folding Kit, You know you are getting  value for money. The Kit features a large, durable nylon carry bag with heavy-duty straps and a pocket at the front to contain all of your leads and Heavy Duty Connector Accessories that are included.

*All connections are soldered and not crimped!


Kit Includes

1 x

Premium quality 2 x 60 watt Monocrystalline cells in parallel

1 x

Waterproof Quality pulse width modulation controller

1 x

10 Metre extension lead with 4sq mm cabling (reduces voltage drop)

1 x

Quality Alligator clamps/heavy-duty connector accessory leads

1 x

8mm eye terminals for permanent battery pole fixing /

Heavy duty connector accessory leads

1 x

Sturdy nylon bag with carry straps

1 x

Instruction manual included

12Kg including carry bag



6. The KT SOLAR Folding Kit is powerful!

As the saying goes ‘Good things come in small packages’ . . . despite it’s smaller size, the KT SOLAR Portable Folding Kit provides a maximum of 120 Watts with Maximum power voltage of 17.9V and Maximum Power current of 6.7A.

Maximum Power (Pmax)


Power Tolerance


Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)


Maximum Power Current (Imp)


Rated Voltage


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short Circuit Current (Isc)


Operating Temperature

-40oC to +85oC

Product Application

Class A

Max System Voltage

1000V DC

Product Weight


Dimensions Open

Dimensions Closed

760mm (H) 1020mm (W) 30mm (D)

760mm (H) 510mm (W) 62mm (D)


7. What else makes the KT SOLAR 120W Folding Kit stand out from the crowd?

  • A KT L.E.D Heavy Duty Connector is included on the back of the panel which illuminates when the panel is ‘LIVE’
  • Optional night light function.
  • Individually barcoded for warranty registration
  • Five accreditation certificates
  • 25 Year efficiency warranty / 3 year warranty on build & manufacture
  • Kit can be regulated or unregulated for battery chargeUnique optional KT Power Meter can be connected into all three leads supplied, close to the battery. Check battery volts before/during/ after charge


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