KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Battery Chargers

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Introducing the New and Innovative KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Battery Chargers!


The Innovative KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers use Innovative Smart Charging Technology in 7 Stages to not only charge your motorcycle batteries, however maintain a healthy battery life. The KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers is perfect for use on Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Jet-Ski’s, Mopeds, Small Boats and Lawn Mower Batteries (not suitable for lithium). Simple to use, simply select your battery type using the Battery Mode Selection Function,  Connect the KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers to your battery via the ring terminal or alligator clamp adaptors included and connect the 240V plug to your mains power. 


  • Easy connection to battery via positive / negative ring terminal adaptor and positive / negative Alligator clamp adaptor
  • Easy battery type selection (GEL, WET, SEALED, AGM, VRLA & CALCIUM) – Not suitable for Lithium Batteries
  • Flexible charging capabilities of motorcycles jet-ski’s, small boats, mopeds, ATV’s and lawn mower batteries
  • 7 Stage charging includes desulfation charging mode, soft start charging mode, bulk charging mode, absorption charging mode, analysis mode, float mode and maintenance mode.
  • Internal overheat protection, timer protection, reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection automatically turns the system ‘off’ when the output polarity is reversed
  • ‘Overheat’ protection function reduces the power of the charger if the ambient temperature is raised
  • Eliminate ‘overcharging’ your motorcycle batteries
  • Ideal for long term battery maintenance of vehicles that are not used regularly


If AC power is connected, and the battery is not connected, the charger will automatically go into ECO mode. When AC power is presented and battery disconnected, the input power drawn is less than 0.36W, equal to power consumption of 0.01kWh per day; after the battery is fully charged and during long term maintenance stage, the total power consumption is around 0.03kWh per day.




The charger is built-in with overheat and overload electronic circuit.
When the charger is overheated, the charger will decrease the charging current. If temperature is decreased, the charger will resume to normal charging.


The charger provides the maximum charging timer management for each charging stage; this condition may occur if attempting to charging big capacity or default battery. Once the charger is timed-out, the charger will stop charging for protecting your battery and the RED LED will be slow FLASH, while this situation occurs, please check with your battery statues.


The charger has reverse battery protection. If a reverse battery exists (Red LED ON, while output leads are connected backwards), simply remake the connection properly to battery, need not unplug charger from AC power.


The charger has output short-circuit protection. If the charger output lead short condition exists (Red LED ON, while output leads are connected backwards), simply unplug charger from AC power and properly remake the connections as described in this manual. The charger employs the firm hardware and smart program to automatically detect the output connections. Once the charger detects the output short-circuit or reverse polarity, it will not deliver any output current, will not cause any danger.



      • When the battery is connected and AC powers on, the charger will automatically diagnoses the battery condition, and then determine if the battery charger engages the desulfation stage or goes into charging cycle.


      • 20% charging LED is ON
      • Engage high peak pulse for deep-discharge or sulfated battery
      • Dissolve the lead sulfated crystal bring the electrolyte fluid to well-distributed state
      • The battery voltage will increase slowly


      • 20% charging LED is ON
      • The battery voltage will increase slowly


      • 80% charging LED is ON.
      • The battery can be charged about 80%
      • The charger delivers an almost constant current 2000mA until the battery voltage reaches the set value


      • 80% charging LED is ON.
      • The battery can charge up to almost 95%
      • The charging current tapers and the charging voltage are kept constant at the set value


      • The charging is interrupted for a short period for battery voltage measured
      • If the battery voltage falls too quickly, the battery is probably faulty. 。The full LED is flash
      • Recondition charging
      • Engage this charging for aged battery or under charging result from wrong selected charging rate.
      • Balance the battery cell.
      • The full LED is flash (if this situation is occurred)


      • Full LED is ON.
      • The float mode allows the charger to effectively be left connected to your batteries; it works at a safe level and ready for use.


      • Suitable for 12V applications, and all lead-acid type batteries
      • 12V Output, Charging current: 2000mA
      • Battery Capacity: Maintaining: 4-100AH
      • Switch mode – Easy press buttons to change battery type
      • LED Indicator lights illuminate to indicate chargers set mode
      • Type of charger: Smart & Automatic
      • Input Voltage Range: 100-240Vac
      • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz.
      • Output Voltage: 12V
      • Output Current: 2000mA
      • Start Charging Voltage: >2.0.
      • Output Voltage at No Load: <0.5V
      • Dimensions: 149mm (L) x 71mm (W) x 32mm (H)
      • Gross Weight: 0.6Kg
      • IP Rating: IP63 Rated
        (protected from total dust ingress, protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical)
      • Approval Certifications: FCC, C-TICK, & CE





    • 7 Stage Motorcycle Battery Charger
    • Power Adaptor for charging is fuse protected,  ring terminals and 2 Way waterproof connection.
    • Positive Red ( + ) and Negative Black ( – ) clamps with insulated grips
    • User Safety & Operation Manual






12 Month Manufacturers warranty




Question: What is a KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers Used For?

Answer: The KT 7 Stage Smart Battery Chargers are used for charging a flat battery. See above specifications as to which types of battery each charger is suitable for charging.

Question: What is so ‘Smart’ about the KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers?

Answer: Traditional and commonly used battery chargers that most of us are familiar with and may own, are what we call (linear) constant voltage chargers.

In simple terms what this means is as the battery is charging the voltage slowly rises, and as the voltage rises the current (amps) that the charger is putting into the battery starts to drop off, and keeps falling until the battery voltage is up around 14 volts or so, at this point the amps going in has now dropped off to almost nothing and the battery is deemed to be ‘charged’, however, they are NOT really fully charged, and this process can take a very long time because of the constantly reducing current input. On the other hand these chargers when left connected to a battery for too long can, and often do, overcharge and damage the battery. KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers are very different and unique, providing full charge to a battery in 7 stages, very quickly, easily and safely. The 7 stage charging function starts with a ‘boost stage’. In this stage, the charger puts in as much current as the charger is capable of, for as long as it possibly can. In this stage, the charger operates as a constant charger so for example, if it is a 8Amp charger, it will produce a consistent 8Amps until the battery reaches a voltage set point that is normally around 14.4-14.7V (this depends on the type of battery being charged). At this point, the battery should be approximately 75-85% charged.Stage 2 is the adsorption stage and the charger now turns into a constant voltage charger. It now holds the voltage at a set point, for example 14.4V. The charger must now back off the current to hold the voltage at 14.4V as the battery adsorbs the last amps for the required current that it requires to be ‘fully charged’.Over time, the amount of current flowing to keep the battery at the set point is so small that the chargers smart processor circuit decides that the battery is fully charged, as the battery can not accept any more current. This is when the charger moves into it’s next stage, switching to Float or Maintenance mode where it backs off even further so the battery voltage drops to around 13.5 – 13.8V and holds it there by varying the current again. The lower voltage is below the electrolytes gassing point and can be left on charge like this indefinitely and if power is being drawn from the battery, the charger ramps up the current out-put to match the draw. In conclusion, the real advantages of the The KT Smart 7 Stage Motorcycle Smart Battery Chargers provide a more efficient, fuller, safer charge ultimately leading to a longer battery life, and more useable capacity from the battery. There is less electrolyte loss in the case of wet flooded batteries and/or little chance of overcharging and damaging wet batteries.