Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting with the cutting-edge KT Cables LED Globes, the ultimate direct halogen replacement solution. Available in H4, H7 and H8/9/11.


The use of advanced LED technology in KT LED Headlight Globes results in a superior light output compared to original halogen globes. With reduced power consumption, these globes deliver not only a brighter but also a whiter light, enhancing your visibility and overall driving experience. The mounting bases are meticulously designed for direct replacement, ensuring a seamless transition from halogen to LED lighting. (NOT ADR APPROVED, OFFROAD USE ONLY)

• Ultra long life, 25 times the life of standard halogen globes
• Precise LED placement with no filament to break
• Bright white light with immediate full brightness
• Aviation aluminium 6063 heat sink
• Similar size to Halogen fits most vehicles^
• Easy ‘plug and play’ fitment

^May not work with all vehicle’s Canbus systems

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